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Full Version: I hate to bring this up but...
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I'm dying to know if I'm not the only one who wonders about this! When I read posts were someone is looking for advice/ranting about a problem with a client, or salon owner, or co-worker, or another nail tech across in town, do you ever wonder if they might read it here? Every time I read one of these post I can't help but to cringe for the author. Thinking what if the target is reading this?
No because most of us use a different user id than our business name and I have never seen any identifying info posted, like peoples names, where they live, what salon it is exactly etc.

So I think the chances of anybody ever reading it or connecting the story that it is about them or something, is minimal.

This is a place for us pro techs to rant and rave, good or bad and we shouldn't have to worry about this issue, as long as people are sensible with what they say in their posts, I think it's all safe.
You're right the chances of someone reading it is slim, but it does not seem like it would be hard to figure out. That is if you were the person they were addressing. Sensible or not lots of people don't do well with criticism.

Don't get me wrong: PLEASE don't stop posting your rants/pleas for advice. I have got some invaluable info off this site. Some of you beauty tech gals give great advice! Maybe it's just me lol
It has happened. Someone posted a while ago about having problems with their employer who read their posts and called them on it at work. I think that's where you just have to be careful if that's what you are going to do, use generic information, don't use identifying info in you name/signature, etc.
Although I know I recently posted a rant about an co-worker, I'm not really worried.

And it has actually happened to me! The owner of the first salon I worked in posted a long rant about me way back when - which led me to leave that salon. It wasnt because of her rant, it was a thing that was building for a long time, but the rant was the clincher.
Yep, it all just boils down to common sense.
Don't post info that can ID anybody but you can still have your rant or rave.
I have said for the entire almost 20 years I am managing an online/email discussion.. do NOT say anything publiclly that you dont want to see on the evening news Smile

It has happened.. several times over the years.. sometimes the "coming out" was for the good, sometimes.. umm.. not Smile

You have to be the judge of that as to how much you want to share publically about a sensative situation.

Not sure is this is really related but its kinda funny in retrospect.. My nail partner and I loved to tell stories to our clients, usually re-telling a funny story that another client told us.. we didn't gossip per se'.. well yea we did sometimes Smile but we ALWAYS TRIED to cover up the WHO in the story. So one day Donna is re-telling her client a not really postive story that was related to her by her ealier client.. shes about 1/2 way through when MY client about jumps out of the chair.. THATS MY AUNT YOUR TELLING TALES ABOUT! Whoops
We swore to NEVER do that again and we didnt...


What I find hilarious is when others on another forum were talking smack about someone. Then when the moderator said that she was allowing that person onto the board they all of sudden were saying "well don't let her see what I posted about her". LMAO!! Really?? So you will talk behind their back, but not say it to their face??? How two faced and imature!!

As with anything on the internet, if you won't say it to their face then don't talk behind their backs. It will get to them somehow, someway!!