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Full Version: Chunky glitter?
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Hey ladies and gents, I'm looking for some varied sizes of glitter. I have lots of fine glitter, but I'd like some slightly larger, chunkier stuff too, to mix together for my rockstar toes. I just love how the different sizes make everything bling so much more! Anyone got any links? I've checked out the shop here, but didn't see what I was looking for.
Also young nails has some really pretty ones
Ditto on the Young Nails...they have some awesome chunkier glitter.
YN for me too! I have tons of glitter mixes I use that start with a base glitter color, add in other like colors, then add Rockstar from the LA Collection, then Crushed Pearl and maybe a bit of Diamond Dust or Star Sand from the Heavenly Collection. Rock Star is hands-down, one of my top mix-ins.

I haven't tried them, but Light Elegance also has some great-looking varieties of chunky glitter on their website!