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Full Version: OPI in a dollar store ad??
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It's on page 6.

I knew as soon as the news came down about Coty buying OPI that this was gonna happen. I don't even care any more.
I thought they were going to be $1, lol, you freaked me out for a second. They are $6.99, which is still not wholesale, if that makes it any better.


My wholesale supplier is charging almost $5 a bottle for OPI, so for the public to get it for $6.99 is a rip off for us. I quit using OPI a long time ago and I don't regret it. When people ask me why, I have a long list why and this is one of them. Totally ridiculous!


Any retailer, salon or not can either use the MSRP or any price they choose to make money on retail. There is no law stating that the mark up has to be 100%. it seems so unfortunate that lately the forum is flooded with doomed feeling techs. I don't really care how much any retailer is choosing to sell their items. If salons are so upset, and must compete. Lower prices or change lines.


Nope, there is no law that says markup has to be any particular percentage and you betcha when someone is undercutting what I can sell to make a profit I am dumping them. Like you said, it's simple!!
Dusckwall's and Alco is not a dollar store. It's a drugstore like Walgreen's CVS, and the like.
It must be overstock or not selling well there. It's only a dollar less than their regular price. For only 5 days. Also the ad lists "Only stock on hand" Meaning no rain checks. Probably only oddball colors lol. I would not worry about it.
I haven't used an OPI enamel or any other enamel in forever. It's just disappointing. In the same newspaper, there was also a coupon flyer and there was a coupon for Nicole polish, right next to a coupon for a breakfast sausage. For the life of me I can't figure out why our suppliers (State, Peels, etc)are still carrying it.
There's an Alco here in Canon City and the next time I'm there, I'll check what they have, but my clients will likely tell me before that! It's not a drugstore like Walgreens and such, more like a Dollar General or Family Dollar.
I don't retail polish at all, so it's not affecting me. It's just disappointing.
Essie is also in drugstores here now too.

CVS, as a matter of fact and Target.
Essie is also at bed bath and beyond. So is Nicole. Lets face it, most women can polish their nails. The company is following the money.

I believe as a nail tech, you're offering guests a service that demonstrates why they pay you to polish and take care of their nails. It shouldnt matter what brand is being sold where cuz I know I can make a cheap sinful color look like a million bucks with the right tools. Thats why my guests trust me to do their nails.

Nail techs are creative people by nature!! Find a way around it people!!
Some CND products are sold at Publix grocery stores and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

... I'm certain that everyone that has drawn their lines in the sand about not using ANY products that are sold to the public at large are not using Solar Oil on their clients, because it is sold in the grocery store. :lol: (even though it is an AWESOME product and I wouldn't use anything else as a cuticle oil).