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Full Version: question about SOG polish
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Has anyone used different products together -- like shellac base and top with gelish, or vice versa. Are you finding that the base and tops are interchangeable? Just asking.

At the suggestion of someone else on the forum, I've started using the Eco base and topcoat with the Young Nails. I was having trouble with my French lasting, and this has worked really well for me.
I totally use Gelac or Eco Base wth Eco, Gelac, or Cacee polish. I also use Shellac topcoat no matter what polsh I use.
Funny, I use my mani-Q base/top with Eco as I prefer the application and the shine is the best.
Thank you! CandiceAE, do you use the manicure polish also? Why do you use Eco? I am new to all of this and use all Young Nails products. Is it the choice of colors?

eco So Quick is applied like a gel. It comes in a pot, not a bottle. My own personal feeling is I have MUCH more control of the amount of product applied with a gel brush as opposed to a polish brush - and yes I can honestly say I have tried the polish bottle brands.

The base of a UVGP application needs to be THIN.. REALLY thin, almost non-existent. Applying the eco Base with a gel brush allows me TOTAL control over how much I put down. The "thin" thing is true for all UVGP applications. For natural nail clients moving to UVGP from traditional polish, only one coat of base is needed. Those being transitioned from acrylic, traditional hard or soak-off gels you should apply one thin layer of a soak-off gel for a little added strength while they get used to having natural nails again. After 3+/- months you can move to 2-3 base layers, then 2 then 1.

Many people are mixing their base and color brands. The backlash to that is if you do have any issues: lifting, nail plates lifting off, excessive peeling, whatever, and you call the company - you will be told, "sorry, you are not using the system as sold, we can't advise you".

Another thing I will mention, when using UVGP, it need to be applied with "polish" in mind, not "gel". Most of the problems I have trouble-shot over the past year has been accomplished gel techs applying too much product.