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Full Version: European Touch Petite foot spa
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i am back to using this foot spa, due to my throne not making it through my last move. I really need to plumb this somehow. It really hurts my back to get on the floor to hook up the hose for draining. And seeing how, i drain, clean, refill, run sanitizer through it, drain again, wipe it out again, fill again and run rinse water through it and drain it again, and having to empty the little excess water tray twice after each drain, My back just can't take it.
Is there a way it can be hooked up to plumbing. Maybe building something around it to make it work like a sink?
I would probably need a pump since the plumbing would be going through the wall and not the floor.
Please any ideas???
I think I read on here not to long ago how a lady got her husband to put a flow stop in her empty hose. so she can leave it conected all the time.

maybe she'll see this and repeat it. I tried to search for it but couldn't find it.