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Full Version: Art Institute Transparent Glitter
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Hello everyone. Im getting ready to place an order for some GLITTER from Art Institute. They have some transparent glitter on sale (i always shop sale items first :roll: ) Does anyone have any experience with their transparent glitter? Because when I use my Martha Stewart iridescent glitters, the color doesnt always show up as well in clear acrylic.

Also your experience with the Art Institute in general would be helpful.

Art Institute is great! I have wondered about transparent also. I have always avoided any glitter that is labeled transparent, because I do a lot of rock star french and just in my head thought it would not be suitable. But in the container it looks solid. How thick would it have to be to not see through? I guess it could make some nice subtle effects. :?
transparent glitter is really best used to give a different dimension to a look. For instance, I've got several transparents that look white in the container, but have a colored shimmer such as gold, green, and blue. Once those colors are put over a gel color that compliments the shimmer, the white dissappears and all thats left is the shimmer.

For example, on a black nail, add blue mylar and sprinkle the blue shimmer over it, LOTS of extra sparkle!

I've also got a neon pink transparent with a blue shimmer, very pretty used over a pink with blue tones to it.

Transparents are more subtle and perfect for someone wanting to test the water for using glitter on their nails.
jimsjadab...How are you doing rockstar french? I'm struggling with it and would love some tips.

I use a a lot of transparent glitters from Art Institute. I put them over SOGs, to enhance a color or burnish it in for a metallic look. It's a great addition when using pure pigments to add sparkle. My favorite however, is to take a matte ultra fine and mix with the transparent! Lots of color, dimension and a super impressed client.




Where can you find the ultra fine matte? I would like to try that!
ebbieday :
> jimsjadab...How are you doing rockstar french? I'm struggling with it and
> would love some tips.
> Thanks!
Oh I did not see that :oops: I do acrylic btw. I use the reverse method. I either mix the glitter with clear acrylic at about 1/3 glitter or I paint a thin layer of hard gel and sprinkle it cure then cap with clear. (Make sure you buff the tips) I actually do the gel more now because it is faster, I can do more designs and I waste less glitter. Also, it looks like it is all through the acrylic not just on the bottom. I've found curing the glitter and then 'sprinkling' it on the sticky layer you don't get good coverage. I use alcohol on a Q-tip to remove any glitter from the pink. Oh and another thing, I was actually inspired by this thread to buy some translucent glitter; I wanted some neon and I could only find translucent. I found that it is opaque enough using that method, but it looks more solid if I put white gel under it. You can also do 2 coats.
I wanted to bump this so that Debbie may see that I answered her question.