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Full Version: All Techs in Vancouver, WA or Portland area...
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I am hoping to get in touch with a tech in vancouver or portland area. I am licensed but have not done nails since 2003 Confusedhock: Confusedhock: ! I would LOVE to shadow someone for a few hours but do not know anyone here. Thanks and I can't wait to meet some dedicated talented techs! Big Grin

If you want to come down the river east about 45 miles you are welcome to stop by my place and I will do one on one with you on gels and gel polish. I don't do acrylic anymore.

Oh thank you Laurie!! I would love to. I can do either a Monday or a Tuesday. Do either of those days work for you? You can call me at 2 0 8 8 3 0 7 4 6 9. Thanks!!