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Full Version: Podiatrist wants management for Clean Spa
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This is a whole new concept for our industry. You help people while also doing what you love.

This person must LOVE PEOPLE and would have actual experience in managing people (in or outside our industry), managing inventory, dealing with clients, communications (have you talked on camera? - no biggy, can train), training skills, etc. Would be trained under a manager who will move on to the next location.

This person is a committed professional who really cares about the clients AND the technicians, and can follow an entirely new philosopy in nail care. Must be able to work independently - the podiatrisgt will be working with his patients. The spa will be your responsibility.

If you are interested, email me at [email protected] with resume. And yes, he will consider a great candidate who is from another area and interested in this concelpt of care. (He may later build one in your area if it proves to have potential! But you would have to live in St. L first.)