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Full Version: EZNAILS.COM special offer for Beauty Tech ONLY!
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Aug 19-Aug 26th we are running a special of 5% off the entire line of NSI products! In addition to the sale, if you are signed up to receive our EzNails newsletter you can receive a coupon for 15% off the entire order. ON TOP OF THAT, for Beauty Tech users only - if you enter "FORUM15" as a coupon you will get another 15% off your order. What this means is a double coupon option for Beauty Tech only! Please take advantage of this special offer while it lasts for the week. This is our thank you for shopping with us and networking!
August 26th - September 2nd Beauty Tech Forum users only can apply coupon code "FORUM15" to their orders and receive an extra 15% off of their entire order. This week, along with the specials already being offered, the whole line of Gigi products are 15% off. Be sure to take care of this special offer while it lasts.