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Full Version: ISO sign help
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I have a little portable sign that sits outside the shop. The kind where you write on it with Neon markers. I work in a business district where it is super convienent for ladies to get services while on their lunch hours. I need some help coming up with some catchy phrases so the sign gets noticed more. Any ideas? I do pedis, manis,shellac, waxing, body treatments. Thanks ladies!
quickies available at your lunch hour.. mini mani mini pedi something like that would be cute.. just throwin it out
catapillar removal (wax done on your lunch break )(eyebrows)
come have shellac attack on your break
quick change toe upgrade (polish change only)

i would love to have one of those signs Big Grin
I made my sign from 2 board attached with door hinges. I then painted it with chalk board paint. There is a paint to make your own white board. Used it all the time.

I like your wording. That was hard for me to come up with.
massage your boss right out of your toes, neck, fingers..

show me your fingers and i will show you some bling

this little piggy got glitter, this little piggy got shellac, this little piggy cried..OMG i sparkle .. all the way back to work

wax ..a girls best friend
hey i found this site.. maybe you can get some ideas on just something cute..