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Full Version: Christmas signature nail
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[Image: christmas2.jpg]
Angela...amazing as usual!! Love the swirls the best! Sue
[email protected] :
> [Image: christmas2.jpg]

You know Pam, if you glue those tips to those long "corsage" pins that you find in the craft/floral section at wal-mart--you can cover your foam block with material and make a really beautiful display, with maybe some gold braid, decorative appliques, etc. That way the pins can go in and out of the material without having to cut big holes for sticks.
CC~ I have tried to email you, but it says that your address is invalid and kicks back to me. Can you email me please, or give me a current address? Mine is [email protected]

CC, Thanks for the tip.
Nurse nail tech it takes me an hr. to an hr. & half to do them... =]

Wkdwich...lmao i know what you mean but the really really really wide ones urk the crap out of me, im talken Doritos... eeeeeewwwwww... =P

Colleen those are just blue confetti mixed with clear acrylic.

[email protected] Im glad I could help, & I cant wait to see more ideas from everyone...

Keep posting... =]
AngelaGlitterFreak :
> urk the crap out of me, im talken Doritos... eeeeeewwwwww... =P

HAHAHAAAAAA.. OMG I just will NEVER be able to walk down the snack isle in the food store again without breaking out in hysterics
[img][Image: snowflake2.jpg]

[/img][Image: poinsettasanddecoration-Copy.jpg]

[Image: holidayfrench4-Copy.jpg]

here are my holiday nails. I'm wearing the poinsetta design right now...LOL, or at least until I get another idea.
I love the green and flower one and the combanations are really nice on these.
This is the nail that I am going to do for my signature nail for 2010.

[Image: Aug2010005.jpg]
Love the poinsettia on the green tips! How did you do it?
thank you ladies..I'm really trying to work on my art skills!!!

@ Dezzi, thank you. I'll post a pictorial of the poinsetta design tonight (or should I say...this morning?? LOL) I have to recreate the design on a nail tip for an event that I am doing this Friday night during our city's Festivus Festival. I am going to do nail art on the kiddies and want to have some tips displayed with one to three diff (easy and quick) designs they can choose from. I bought a pack of the Cina Pro holiday nail art and didn't realize that the pack only included the one sheet, there is not enough art to go around!!! It took me a good hour to do it on my nails..but that's because I was being super anal retentive that they be perfect. After all, these hands are my business cards when I am out in public!! Smile
Nice job Spaqueen.
AMAZING! Thank you! I am going to try that and see how it turns out.
Dezzi :
> AMAZING! Thank you! I am going to try that and see how it turns out.

thanks Dezzi, I'm excited to see what you come up with. I love the white/pink poinsettas moreso than the red that is commonly used for decorating during the holidays. I got the idea from another nail tech's tutorial, so I don't mind sharing!! Have fun!
Can we get this put in stickies or the gallery? It's one of those threads I don't want to lose.
done deal Smile copied to the gallery section
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