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Full Version: Howdy from Los Angeles!
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HI All,

Just wanted t o say hi, my name is Erin; I'm a Nail Tech Student about to graduate/test w/in the next 6 week's time; I'm taking a Year off to work in Nails then going off to Esthetician School. My Career Goals are to teach Nails at one of the local Cosmetology Schools in the area (hopefully!) plus I'm also desiring to own a couple of Salons someday.

I'm totally passionate about where the Industry is going and ever so thankful Gels seem to be the "new wave" here in Cali (it's right up my alley, too, thankfully!!) so yeah; that's about it.

My beliefs/passions (And of course, I do understand there are as many different opinions about doing Nails as there are people! Smile

I believe in the "Old School Style", (no e-files on natural nails, only put as much product as you need on the nail so you don't have to file in the first place), practice makes perfect..and most IMPORTANTLY..I'm here to LEARN, Network, Inspire, and Grow!!

I look forward to meeting all of you wonderful people here! Smile