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Full Version: Seeking Goodyear AZ area Gel Tech for a Snow-Bird client
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Hi, I have a client who wears sheer pink traditional gel overlay who lives in AZ half the year. She has had bad experiences with the shops that rip off your old sets... and I am trying to help her find someone good to do her nails when she's in AZ. Please contact me (or post here) with your info if you are in her area! Thanks

[email protected]
call or text 425.760.3911

I passed this along to one of my collegues who lives in Phoenix. Hope this helps!

I know a great tech in Surprise, AZ. Let me know if that's close enough and I will pass along the info. : )
I have no idea how close that is, and I think I will only see my client one more time before she leaves for AZ. Go ahead and pass on the info and I'll let her decide! Thank you!