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Full Version: where can I buy a hard LED gel?
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I'm looking for a hard LED gel.

I know that Harmony makes one. but I looked on nail tech supply and it only shows REVEAL to be a UV gel.

I doesn't matter on the brand I just need some (LED hard gel) and where can I buy it.
Harmony's is "soon to be released", but as yet--has not been. None other that I have heard of.
you can call nail tech supply and get some I did I like it so far. I have been wearing it for 3 weeks and a few of my clients I seeing how it hold up
Akzentz has a new LED hard gel called Performance.
Tammy Taylor has a new Hard Gel, can be cured with LED or UV. I have been using for a couple of weeks and love it.
Harmony is led gel, beautiful to work with , simple and easy, however I would go with Gelish top it off as the finish , and not the Nail. Armour- as in my opinion it gives a better shine.