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Full Version: tell me everything you know about dashing diva
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I can't afford to keep order new sets of products only to decide I dislike them and toss them. Who does dashing diva. What do you really think of it? I have a busines clientel who loves shellac. Would this be a good product to add? Any info. Would be great even what your charge too
They have a Shop near me. I wanted to work there. The Owner said the products weren't that great. That's all I know and can report truthfully. :/
I know that in the UK and all of the EU in fact, it is sold in supermarkets. The enitre line including gel products.
I've used the metallic nails and the gel. The gel worked on my mom who was very rough on her nails. It was the builder gel. The metallic nails are really fun and stay on the nails for a long time. I was rough on them and they didn't budge. I think they're nice, but I wouldn't use it as my main product.