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Full Version: Looking for a mentor
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I'm Jen, I'm 20 hours away from getting my cosmetologist license. I am very interested in all things related to the industry. I LOVE nails, hair, makeup, you name it, I love it. The thing is, I went to a sub-par beauty school. They type that ONLY teaches you to pass the boards. I don't want to be sub-par at this. So, pretty much, I'm looking for someone to just help me figure it all out. You don't have to be in Indiana, email and texting will do just fine. Pretty much, I'm looking to be able to send pictures of what I did, you critique it and help me improve. And if I have a question, it'd be awesome if you could answer it. If you're awesome at nails, but suck with hair, That's fine. You can be my nail mentor, etc. So, if you're interested, just let me know. =)