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OMG has any one tried Gella, this is a pure gel polish system that has no solvents or smells, it works great for me , just trying to see if anyone else has tried this.
No, and no pro gel system I have ever used has "smelled".

If you are here genuinely, then welcome. Unfortunately, in every since post you've made you talk about Gella, which makes me believe you are just here to hawk it. If that is true, it is not working and it actually makes me not want to ever buy the product. I could be wrong. If I am, then once again, welcome.
yes i am new to the fourm, however i have used Gelec when it came out it all tried up and performed poorly, i have a hair salon with 25 station and 10 station for feet, nails, and all of our customer always complains about the smell, this new product called gella has really help my customers stop complaining, and its works awsome.. thats my story.
I thought you said in another post that you own a supply store? :lol:
yes, we carry a full line of hair and nail products in my store in seal beach california, wow you guy are tough, just trying to post some positive product that we use, look up my salon sweet 1017, seal beach ca...

I have never heard of Gella.

Must be a good Thing. 8)
Hmmm, NONE of my gel polish has an odor!
Your clients have some pretty sensitive noses! I would suppose they can't take the scent of standard lacquer either if the Gelac was offensive! Lol. Do they receive color/relaxer/perm/brazilian blowout services on their hair?
I have seen the Gella polish at ez nails when I was surfing the web. I don't know if ez is the one that makes it or some one else. Also I don't know what gel polish would have that much smell where it would bother your clients. Unless they put their nose in it. I use serveral kinds of gel polish and they don't have a odor that would be that strong as to bother my clients. :roll:
I did recieve an email about gella. Not sure what the prices are. If they are considerably less money maybe I would try them out.
The point about the odor is the solvents they represent. These solvents evaporate every time you open the bottle, some have reported hardening in the bottle prior to even opening it up!

A true "spa" wants to be completely odor free, and that would include solvents from UV Gel Polishes or even nail polish. A UVGP that is formulated without solvents will have no odor at all. The only odor you will have is during soak time with the acetone. And even that is minimal if done properly.

I have looked also at this Gella online and saw prices, I believe it was $13.95/bottle. I may have to get some to test. I have played with several of the solvent brands and just have not been as happy applying them or the wear as with eco So Quick.
I just asked for a free sample (Gella) and was confirmed that I'll be receiving it.

There is a Forum by ENP a few lines above this one, offering samples to the 1st 100 Techs that send them out an email.

Lucky (broke) me, I am truly looking forward to that and my Eco sample. : )