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Full Version: Problem with Black Entity gel polish?
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I got some of the Entity gel polish (the name of it eludes me right now). I really like it, but got some that is black and am having problems. I did 2 coats of a hot pink color, then we were gonna do black tips over it, but the black would not cure! I cured it for 2 minutes just like it says and even have brand new bulbs, but when i went to put the top coat gel on- it ran! It was a giant fiasco, I got behind, and finally we just gave up! I haven't had the time yet to play with the black (not on a client) and thought I'd ask here if anyone would know what I need to do to get it to dry??
I don't use that particular brand, but I'm going to suggest to use thinner coats. Highly pigmented/dark colours are harder to cure if the layers are thick. If this polish doesn't lend itself to thinner coats (sometimes they are more transparent than opaque if they are thin) then you may need to use 2 thin coats to get the opaqueness. If that doesn't work, try a different brand of black. I know Shellac's Black Pool works great, if you have it.
I learned the hard way with an experience like yours that the first coat has to be transparent so the light can penetrate. Second coat, the same, but the two together should create an opaque color, just like dealing with some regular polishes. And as Laura says, more thin coats are better than one thick one when dealing with hi pigment colors.
K, I will try it. I haven't had time to yet, but the lady really wanted it done so I may just call her and have her come in and just try it on her, lol. She's pretty easy-going
Little Black Bottle has to be used very thin. You will need 3 coats to cover completely, curing 3 full minutes (30 seconds-LED) on each layer. You should be able to see through the first layer. Hope this helps!
Tina Ciesla
Entity Educator
I tried the other day to get it to work, very very thin coats, cured for 3+minutes each time, and it still wiped off!! I'm just gonna contact Entity to return it- I'm tired of messing with it!
I'm sorry you are having frustrations. I would like to offer another suggestion. I read that you have new bulbs in your lamp and that you cured for 2 minutes. Are they bulbs that are made by the same manufacture as the lamp? I ask this because I ordered discount bulbs hoping to save a few dollars. When I plugged them in, some didn't even come on right away and some did. Even with all of the bulbs on, they didn't give a proper cure. I then switched back to the name brand and it worked great. Please make sure with any dark colors and also our Spotlight (white) you cure each layer for 3 minutes. I have switched to LED. Love the fact that it is 90% faster cure.
Also, is your lamp at least 36 watts, tunnel lamp, with at least 4 bulbs? If not, it's just not enough UV light.
Another suggestion...did you top coat and cure it for 3 minutes? ALL of our EOCC colors will "wipe off" some pigment if they're not top coated with our EOCC Top Coat.
As with all of our products, Entity Beauty offers a 100% guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, please contact [email protected] and someone will gladly offer help. As an educator for the company for 6 years, I feel it is my duty to serve you and help you to find the answer you're looking for.
You may also contact me directly since I can't always check the boards for questions.
Tina Ciesla
[email protected]
I was going to suggest the same as Tina about your bulbs. Recently some lamps started to be shipped with a nee electronic ballast in the UV lamps. The older type used a magnetic ballast to fire the bulbs (although really they are called lamps but to us that wording is confusing!)

So you need to check with your lamp manufacturer as to the proper type of replacement bulbs to purchase.

Try this link to see if the information helps you:
Q. Will the eco 36w UV lamp can you cure all 5 fingers at once? Will it cure other brands of UV Gel Polish? Does it use "Phillips" bulbs?
I know this is an old thread but after our Educator training last week in Vegas, I wanted to revisit this question.
Entity One Color Couture Soak Off Base Coat must be used very thin. To quote fellow Nail Artist Laura Russell, ‚ÄĚthin, thin, thin, to the thinnest of thin and then thinner than thin." If your application isn't correct of base coat, the color (especially Little Black Bottle) will pool and shrink away from all the edges.
Just another tip I think would solve the trouble Hillary may have had.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Any follow-up on Entity CC from anyone? I use it & like the way it wears but it seems to not soak off great..even without using the bonder or just a lil bit at tips..I have soaked 15-20 min & nothing budges & I end up having to file off..also lots of shrinkage all over not just the tips but at the I hate to use it on my clients. I just use on myself & maybe a couple here & there. I do LOVE the way it wears tho..better than Gelish IMO..but Gelish soaks off better..not always great but I can get it off without having to file that much

now reading the above post maybe b/c the base coat is applied to thick has something to do with it?
I am gonna try the thin application..maybe even dry brush like I do with Gelish.

I'm so glad you caught my "base-coat" comment above. Try that to solve the shrinkage issue.
Re: soaking off- You do not have to soak-off or file off EOCC every time. You can do a "Repeat" service. If the client chooses the same color or something darker, simply remove the shine off existing product, prep, re-apply.
When removing, try our Nail Product Remover. It contains more solvents than just acetone which makes it work faster. Lanolin is also in it to prevent drying of the nail and skin.
I put the remover on a cotton ball, place on the finger, then clip on "pink thingies" I found in Nails Magazine. I think they're called Gel Off. I love using them over tin foil because you simply clip it off, scrape, then put it back on if needed. Total soak off is around 7-8 minutes for me.
Please let me know if you additional help with any of Entity's products.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist
Actually I have tried both..Acetone & the Entity soak off solution offered in my starter kit. Both had the same soak off time Sad
last night I tried to use the thinner base coat & it totally worked..
but I did do a dry wipe like I do with my Gelsih base and I think that helped.

I did a soak off with 1 finger tho but I did file off the top coat..I timed 15 min & checked it at 10. most was off but at the full 15 there was not a trace left on the nail..soaked off beautiful & better than my Gelish.
So I am thinking I will try Entity again b/c it does wear beautiful.. I cleaned with chemicals last night & all morning..not one chip or fray at the ends..amazing after all the abuse I put my nails thru
So I will just apply thinner base, dry wipe, & thinner polish coats
Soak off I will file then soak 10-15 min

I do use the pink soak caps u r talking about..they are great but u need to use allot of cotton if you have smaller fingers such as myself or they don't stay put
as far as filling with color..I have done that b/f but most my clients want a is a good option tho

Good to hear you are finding success! I just got in our latest collection. Five Inch Heels is THE new favorite red at our salon. You must try it! Also, for neutral, Cork Wedges is beautiful, especially with Peignoir over the top. Pictures on my Facebook.
Tina Ciesla
Entity Artist