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Hi techs!
I'm working on a story for Nailpro's December issue about essential oils in the salon, and was hoping to get some feedback from you. How do you use essential oils in the salon--in foot baths, during massages, etc.? Which types do you stock and how do you choose the right one for each client? How can essential oils be used to influence mood, provide pain relief, etc.? Are there any dangers that you know of when they're not used correctly? Share your stories with me by emailing [email protected] by Friday, August 26. Don't forget to include your full name, title, salon name and city/state. Thanks!
Tracy Morin
Contributing writer, Nailpro
[email protected]
not trying to be a smartie or anything but i did want to interject that some essential oils can be detrimental if used improperly so i found this link to make it easier.. maybe you can pull some info out of it for your article. i know its not what you were asking for but i feel it is important when so many are wanting to use them in the salon. Smile

i do use quite a few essential oils when i do facials and in the pedicure bath. I find they relax the clients in the pedi bath and have healing effects on the skin in my facials
Kailek- would you mind sharing with me what essential oils yo use in the foot bath and where can I purchase them. I was concerned about the safety end of using them.
Thanks so much for the site, i will check it out