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Full Version: No license to buy Gelish?!?!?
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Anyone notice in the last issue of Nails Mag the ad for Sally's? They are now carrying Gelish! They are mini bottles (not sure of the ounce) but they are just what we use in the salon and available to purchase without a license!! My sisters friend bought some and a $15 dollar UV light and is now doing hers and 3 of her friends nails! I called Hand and Nail Harmony apx 3 weeks ago to ask about this. The girl that I spoke to said that I "needed to talk George, the Sales Manager". I left them with my name and number and "George" never called me back. I did call back last week and was told by someone in "sales" that all licensed professionals are important to H&NH and are their priority and that this is the decision of the company owner (blah, blah, blah.....). Just wondering why their full page ad in the front of the magazine says "For Licensed Professionals Only" when they are selling their product at Sally's? I think it's time to look for a new line...... Sad
Danny Haile was on Nail Talk Radio recently - he explained that this was a move done by the company to increase availability to technicians and that the cost to the home consumer would be too high for most non-professionals.

The ad states that Sally's only carries 18 colors - I went there today and they had those 18 plus the new neon collection... there were a lot of empty spaces on the shelves - consumers are purchasing this - and if you look on Youtube you will see tons of videos promoting this as an easy way to do your nails yourself at home.

There have been many discussions on here regarding this issue. Needless to say, many of us are not happy with the fact that it's being sold there and that just anyone can now purchase it. Not to mention the fact that like Broder13 said, there are youtube videos showing exactly how to use it.
There are videos on YouTube on how to do everything. How to highlight your hair, how to cut your hair, how to wax your eyebrows (among other things!), how to do acrylics and gels, how to do nail art, (all things you can buy at Sally's) and also how to do Shellac, How to do Axxium, etc. Etc.

Do we have to keep dragging Gelish over the coals?
I use Gelish and to tell you the truth my clients have no clue about what brand I am using. I just show them my color wheel and say pick a color. I use a few different brands. They obviously have no desire to do it themselves. I am totally not concerned about them going to Sally's. It is too expensive to buy everything on your own for it to be used once and sit in a closet. How many people own a portable foot bath. You can buy them at any garage sale because they buy them thinking they will give themselves a pedicure. I'm sure they own nail polish also.


We all need to do what is best for us and our business. At first I was miffed about Sallys selling Gelish, NOT because it was available to the public, because it always has been courtesy of the internet, but because I told clients it wasn't for retail.
So I made lemonade out of those lemons. I don't care what anyone thinks, I have gone into my local Sallys and picked up Gelish base and colors in mini size to use at work. For one no one cares were I buy my product, clients don't know. The whole Sallys is generic feel comes from your nail tech peers and not the public and it'd false. Second the minis are .30 oz bottles. Bigger still than Shellacs full size .25 oz bottles. The colors are fun, and get this: I have told client to go buy it. They buy nail polish to touch up, so they can make use of this too. I have clients I don't see for 5 weeks that drive 2 hours to see me. One that flys from Kansas every 5 weeks. Do you know how helpful it is for them to have a mini to touch up if a chip happens? Very very helpful. I look at it like regular polish, my clients don't even do that on their own, they only want to make sure they can fix a booboo, so let them.
Lastly. Gelish has been is Sallys for a few months now. Tell me how many clients everyone here has lost due to that? Me? Not a one. My clients didn't even know they could shop in Sallys until I told them too.
I do what I need to and what happens to be in the best interest of my clients nail care. They deserve no less, and if I think they should get a mini bottle and a wee lamp, then they should, because I know the benefit of having a great set of nails at all times.


Sheila - this topic has been hashed and hashed and rehashed. There will always be DIY people who are going to get their hands on the product, no matter what. However, I feel Danny did sell out the professionals and it does irritate me that their ads still continue to say "for licensed professionals only", because that isn't the case. I'm just glad I didn't buy that line. And from what you wrote it seems that their ability to handle this situation with the influx of calls from upset nail techs is less than.
Just my 2 cents for what it's worth:
I think Gelish did what was best for the company at the time. Unless you know them or work for them personally who are we to judge? Maybe some day you or someone you know will own a company and need to make a strategic decision that may not be best for everyone but it is what is best for your company at the time.
If you're mad at Harmony and don't want to continue using Gelish then that's your decision, but honestly I don't think we need to keep rehashing this topic over and over again and pointing fingers and calling them sell-outs. The only way this will effect your business is if you let it.


I agree Colleen, and if you don't use it, now or better yet, never used it at all, then you really have no gripe, since your not a customer of Gelish and have nothing invested in them. Just use what you like and be good with that.
There are NOT videos on you tube on how to do everything.

There are no videos on you tube on how to do Gelousy.

Just sayin...
It wad a rhetoric comment, Erick....and give it time.
Rhetoric or not there will not be a Gelousy video on You Tube because we have already notified You Tube of our copyrights. They must remove any video containing Gelousy within 24 hours, unless we post it or face a fine.

Companies CAN control the access to their instruction videos, if they choose too.

We will NEVER post a how to video on our gel to the public or on you tube. Why would we?

I would like to see someone post the reasoning behind manufacturers posting how to videos for professional only products on you tube when they could host the videos behind a password, like we do.

What is the benefit to the nail tech to have the how to videos posted to the public?


Password protected tutorials in theory sound nice. But how does every company that wants to offer help to all techs via mass viewing make sure that everyone asking for a password is a tech? In school? In a country where you don't need license? In a state that has no requirements? It's just unrealistic. So this is why they do it. Because it would be impossible to weed through everything. In my opinion DIYers will always be, and they don't need to be forced into our chairs just because they want pretty nails. If they want to do it, let them. At least viewing a professional do it will help keep them from serious damage or harm. My clients could polish and learn nails all on their own too. They don't want to. Not everyone wants to do their own. Time to give up being angry that they can do their own nails. Who cares? Really, let's make lemonade instead.
Yes, They will always be there.

There will always be people that cheat the system. That is no reason to abandon the system.

Just because a few people will get their hands on the system and the training is no reason to allow everyone to view it.

So there are a few hundred that cheat, verses a few hundred thousand that view on You tube.

But why should I market to the public when my product is for professional use only? Why market a how to video to the public on You Tube when you sell a professional only product? When you could simply put it behind a password?

P.S. It is not impossible... We do it.
I've never even heard of Gelousy so I guess I wouldn't do a search for it on YouTube. Just sayin'.


I am thinking another option, instead of posting on YouTube, is to put the instruction video's on the professional video's that only professionals have access too, just like ordering.

Kudo's to Gelousy!!