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Full Version: Autoclaves
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Hello ALL!
What do you guys think of Autoclaves for your nail instruments? Are you using them, thinking of using them, or think it's just overkill for your salon?

I've heard of ones that use steam, heat, etc...

Would love to hear any recommendations =)

imo over kill for sure, more then 50% of the tools we use can't go in the Autoclaves any way.

Autoclaves work well if the user understand it and test it often, but that only testing on the mechanical and knowing that it working, you would need a culture test by a qualify person quarterly to ensure that your machine is actually sterilizing your instruments.

I use OPI Spa Complete, if mix according to instruction is more then adequate and very cost effective.
I use Acell Cs20 on my tools no auto clave.
I also use OPI Spa Complete and Barbacide. Being as the state I live in doesn't require us to use an autoclave and I follow the directions exactly on both labels, I know that I am doing what I need to to be in compliance.

I know there are some people who will recommend an autoclave, but I can't justify the expense for myself. In addition, I worked at a very high end day spa at one time that used an autoclave, and they had to replace their implements quite often due to them being rusted and getting dull from the autoclave. To be honest, I don't know if that is what happens due to being heated at such a high temperature or if it was the fault of the person who was sterlizing the implements, but you might want to look into that if you are considering purchasing one.