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Full Version: nail tech in need?
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If anyone knows of a nail tech that is specially in need right now of some product but having a difficult economic period, please let me know. Someone donated a $125 gift certificate that is expiring shortly that she would like to donate.

Please reply privately to me at [email protected]
I will try to be as fair as possible when picking from the replies.



What a beautiful thing to do. I can't vote for anyone because I don't know any other techs. And while I suffer financially like so many, I know there are techs who need it more than myself. I sure hope you find the right person. Very touching.

Debbie, you rock!
once again i got to hit the like you do rock deb!
I just started out in school 2 days ago it's 3 in a half hours away and I have a one and two year old. I have saved my change for school and my sons birthday which is next month. I live on Hatteras Island and this weekend there is a hurricane coming so there goes all the money I saved. I would greatly appreciate it. I'm glad there are still good people in the world
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
Kristen, please email me off the forums next week.. Other comanies have read this and have offered up some addiitonal gifts if needed.. I cant guarantee, but I will see what I can do for you..

Ladies.. thanks for the kind words.. thats what keeps me at it till 1am on vacation!

(yes I am camping at the Bristol race.. Mods & trucks tomorrow, Hauler parade Thurs, Nationwide on Fri nite and Cup on Sat nite,, never been here for the might races.. wooooohhoooo)
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Yes we do! : )
I thought I wold give you an update..

I received .. thankfully.. only 3 requests for aid.. One girl uses the brand for which the gift certifcate was, so that went to her, another had a heart wrenching story so I reached out to a distributor I work closely with and they offered a gift certificate for her, I went through my personal stash of bling and packed some up to send and have reached out for a trade show ticket as well as I am working on gettigng her license renewal waived for 1 year. I have advised all 3 to apply for aid through the PBA at

All in all I think everyone who needed got or will get.. wish I could do more..

This type of thing comes up once in a blue moon.. after Katrina I reached out with the help of MANY of the manufacturers to help out a tech outside of New Orleans who lost everything, home, as well as everything in her friends salon.. oh she found her chair like 4 blocks over if I remember correctly!
Hi Debbie

I would be happy to send each of your 3 people choosen a 12 piece GELISH collection with top and base, top selling colors. Please let me know where to send. [email protected]

You've always been top notch in our industry. Thanks for all that you do.

Danny Haile
Founder, Hand and Nail Harmony
Debbie and Dannie - you guys are awesome!!!
A friend of mine was a receipient of the product specific gift certificate.She is very grateful and thanks Debbie and the company. This has meant so much to her. Iwould like to add my thanks to you also. I am sure when she is able, she will return the favor to another tech. I know this has inspired me to do something. I am planning to take part in an event for cancer patients and battered women to help them feel better about themselves with a little beauty.
Thank you, Debbie and Danny.
Wow you guys are awesome. I think this is a fantastic thing you are doing. I wonder if you had a lightly used product donation link or something like that to send to you to and in turn send to the recipients or have a direct ship to recipients from us who would like to donate. I currently have two full lines of soak off product (Shellac and ECO) that I do not use and would like to donate them to one or two people. They are barely used and I was going to put them in the sales forum on here. And from time to time I go through my things and if I havent used it in a while I usually donate it to our local Cosmetology school, but if we had a link to those techs out there that are in need I think this would be way better use of our unused product.

email me or just reply back here if you would like the product I have to send to someone.

Shannon Arnold
[email protected]
I absolutely love this industry! This is so awesome!!!!
Hi Debbie,

Customer service emailed you for the addresses, or you can have the ladies directly email if you are more comfortable with that.

Have a great Holiday weekend,

Yes thanks I'll get you that info over the weekend
Kathie, I end up thinking I'm going to do the same thing...see or read something and want to just click on the 'like' button. Smile