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Full Version: Brisa Gel pitting??
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Has anyone else had problems with their Brisa Top Coat gel curing with small pits in it?

Sometimes the pits show up before I cure and sometimes after.
I've even tried buffing after the first cure and applying a second coat.

Any thoughts?

Also...I'm using it on top of liquid and powder acrylics (Retention) because my clients like the lasting shine of a gel top coat.

Thinking of just using Shellac top coat if I can't get it figured out.
Does anyone know if that would work?
Thanks so much!
Just a few things that come to mind, as I have had this happen as well. Most likely is something left on the enhancement, like soap if they wash their hands, file dust that is stuck around the cuticle area that you are then dragging down the nail, cuticle oil, or in one case I had a client that was putting on sunscreen before her gel appts. Also make sure your bulbs don't need replacing. Make sure you cleanse the nail really well with scrub fresh, or 99% alcohol, as if you are removing red nail polish with a lint free pad.( I use paper towel and 99% alcohol) Also, do not buff the nail before the top gel.
I had the same thing happen to me awhile back and I stopped using it. Then I figured out I was applying it too thinly on the nail so now I do a slightly thicker coat and it's fine, no problems.
This happens to me with any gel topcoat if I've used cleanser on the enhancement, and haven't let it dry thoroughly, leaving wet spots. The gel will not stick to it, and will leave pits. This will also happen if your client touches the surface and gets her skin oils on it, and you don't cleanse it before applying. And of course, do make sure you're using enough--not too thick, not too thin. Smile
Looks like this one is covered Smile