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Full Version: How many of you do NOT do acrylics??
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Hi all. I am wondering how many techs here do NOT offer acrylics, just gels? I am wondering if I should re-train on acrylics, even though I do not like doing them?
I currently do not offer acrylics but I am thinking about doing them again. Some of my gel clients are particularly hard on their nails and I think they would do better with acrylic. It's always the same ones too.
I do 100% gel 100% of the time. On a few occasions I do 3d art, but that's it.

Erica you should come out to the NW Nailtech Retreat. We have gel and acrylic educators from numerous companies and opportunities to attend many different classes (no added fee) from Friday- Monday. If your looking for advanced education in the Northwest, its the best deal since it includes all the food and lodging and without a tradeshow in the Northwest, its the most educators in one location. Plus goodie bags alone are worth over $300 each and you can win a number of raffle prizes, some worth $300-400 each.
I would LOVE to go!! But, I have truly tried every possible way to fanagle (is that a word?) the finances but I just won't be able to :cry: . I am not working in a salon yet and we're not able to come up with $400 right now. It's too bad especially since it is right up the road from me! I wish I wish I wish.
I use 100% Acrylic, all of my gel clients end up converting and now that Acrylic is getting it's name back out of the mud makes it easier. I just find here in Southern Alberta (Dry and Cold) That Acrylic works better for most people. Big Grin


I don't like to eliminate any type of service because I want to be versatile and available to my clients needs and wants. If I were allergic it would be different but I offer gel, silk, acrylic, and uv polishes. That way new clients, traveling clients and so on can get their favorite nail service with me, and not the salon down the street. Big Grin
I only do natural nail manicures, pedicures and gel polish.
So interesting to see these responses! Big Grin Keep them coming!
Gel only. Allergic to monomer, so I never learned. I do soak-off gels (wearing gloves) and hard gels.
I do about 98% gels but seriously thinking of doing a combo set kinda like Bob was demoing, half gel, half acrylic. Like Laura, I've got some that are really hard on their nails, and while for most the gel is perfect there's those few that seems to have more a problem!


I'm the odd one on this board, because I don't do any hard gels as enhancements or traditional l/p acrylic. I use a resin adhesive acrylic dip method and have for about 10 years successfully. The only gel I use is Shellac.
100% gel for the last 15 years I also own a gel nail only salon, there are very few good real gel techs in my town so I say stick with gel and make it your specialty right down to gel toes! I live in Salem just about an hour south of you and I am an educator for Light Elegance which is a gel only company I hold several classes from beginning to advanced all year long and would love to have you the cost is 40.00
idonls :
> I'm the odd one on this board, because I don't do any hard gels as enhancements
> or traditional l/p acrylic. I use a resin adhesive acrylic dip method and
> have for about 10 years successfully. The only gel I use is Shellac.


I'm going to be the 2nd odd one lol. I'm looking into Lechat's Gelee system myself for private clients, but at this stage of my Career (I'm a newbie) I do natural nails + colored SOG's and SOGP's, but my ultimate goal is Japanese/Tokyo nails down the line, and those are traditionally done with Calgel. Smile
I used to do acrylic only until I was introduced to Gel. I now like gel better, but not all people can wear gel, so it is good to have options for your clients.
I can do both and if I get someone that is not working great with Gel, we can switch to acrylic.
I only do gel and gel polishes. No regular polish or acrylics. I would love to learn acrylics some day but this is a part time job and it's another investment, both time and money-wise. Plus I mostly work at home and my husband already hates the smell of disinfectant and scented nail wipes.
I use 95% regular gel, 3% Gelish soak off, 2% regular manis with polish.

I used to use AC, but have done so well with gel, that all my AC clients have converted to gel. I dont mind the smell from AC, but clients dont like it so much, and I have gotten out of the swing of it, and am not very good at it anymore. I do however want to learn some combo ideas for those rough clients and for 3D art, but thats on the learning block.
Only gels here! Almost all are traditional with a soak off gel over, there are a few with polish still. I do some pure SOG manicures and very few traditional manicures. Although I do like the idea of being able to use Acrylic if I needed it. It does stink up a storm in my little room though ?
I do both, Some of my clients dont do well with the gel...actually i have a hard time keeping it on me... i would say maybe its something im doing but i have enough clients going 3 and 4 weeks in gel with no problems. I'll tell you guys...Gel is amazing and has so many wonderful qualities...but i Love sculpting in acrylic. Every time i open my monomer im in
I should clarify that I am teaching myself acrylics because I'd like to teach in a few years down the line but acrylics are not my preference overall, I might change my mind eventually, who knows.
I do 90% manicures, 5% sog, and 5% Light Elegance gels...would love to build up my LE gels though...Cannot do AC because I work at a wellness spa, and it has to be odorless, I'd much rather do gels. Smile