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Full Version: CUTE CUTE Nail Art 101
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I just found a GREAT youtube channel that has some of the cutest designs for nail art, step by step tutorials of each with a good camera, AND it's simple enough for a newbie like me Big Grin



Love the ladybugs!!
LOVE the checkerboards. : )
My favorites are the galaxy and the back to school paper....oh, and the newspaper one to!
Yeah the newspaper one is crrrazzzyy!!

Makes me wanna grab an LA Times and get crankin'. Smile
just watched the peacock tutorial.....what is that tool she is using looks like the paint is coming out of the little silver ball....I want one!
that is a dotting tool. it has a tiny silver ball at the end that she dips into the polish just enough to get some on the bottom side of the ball. then she dots it lightly onto the nail. you can also use that tool to pick up tiny pieces of glitter or crystals or whatever you are going to put on the nail. cool tool!
Erika thanks for sharing Smile I just watched a bunch of her videos - ironically she comes from my neck of the woods too!
Everyone is getting newspaper nails! How easy and adorable!
How much extra? I never do nail art but like this