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Full Version: what are water stickers\art?
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I ordered a couple styles of ebay. Anyone use them? How can I embed them in to shellac to make them last? I love new products!
have you tried doing a search on this site. There's all kinds of info about embed things. If you have time just go through the pages
Just be aware that most of the ones on ebay are lower quality and are printed with white ink so you can only put them on light colored nails.

You can imbed the waterslide decals in both acrylic and gels including gel polish.
all the ones i have tries the egdes wont stay down and they end up curling up when you cure. they were a pain in the ass!
I have used a small dab of glue underneath and then hold down with saran wrap to set then put acrylic or gel over the whole nail. Hope that helps Smile
I found a tutorial teaching how to use water decal stickers:

Hope it is useful for you! Big Grin
When I use water decals, I dip the cut piece in water and let it sit for about 30-45 seconds, it should then slide right off the paper. I have a really precise set of tweezers to help move it and if needed poke a hole so it lies down better. This is sometimes needed for a larger decal on a small or deeply curved nail.

On a UVGP application I do it after the top coat is cured and cleansed. Then sometimes I top with one more of of the UVGP top coat, sometimes I will use a regular quick dry top coat. It depends on the client, if she has the patience and few minutes to sit Smile I do prefer to use the regular polish top coat though.