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Full Version: some pics of nails I've done lately....
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They are so so adorable! I am in love with the ladybugs! I am assuming that you did a french with the red tips and used a dotting tool for the black dots?
The question is : How much extra do you charge????
Love Love them!!! Winter would be so beautiful with a light blue polish and white snow flakes with a few little rhinestones and some glitter. Oh the things that you can do with those decals! Where oh where did you get your design ideas? Did you think of them all by yourself?
Thanks for sharing
Thank you sillysoup! Yep they're all my own ideas. The client I do a lot of my nail art on is Diane and it's sometimes hard to come up with new ideas so I find myself just winging it. Sometimes I surprise myself too! LOL
The ladybug nails are red nail polish on the tips with black dots using a dotting tool. The ladybugs and daisies are Konad stamps.
I also used Konad stamps on the purple ones as well (the 2 lines at the top). The flowers on those are just stickers.
Love all of them , very pretty Big Grin
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