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Hey, does anyone know of any good deals for a Credit Card Processing Company? I need a multi-merchant machine and would love to not have to pay for it.....

Anyone know of a good company?
Thank you...can u do multiple merchants with them?
Most likely you'd have to create different accts for different merchants.
Thank you everyone!!! I will check this out......Smile
I have a square and 2 separate business, I just sign in and out of the account that I need to use.

Each of your booth renters can get their own square if they have a smart phone.

We process our cards in our graphics shop thru Costco/Elavon. I did a comparison on my statement and square would have actually saved me money if I had done all my cards thru the square.

Square allows you to take AMEX and Discover at the same 2.75% rate as MC and Visa with no per transaction fee and no monthly charge or minimum. You only pay as you go.
Hmm, lots to think about! thank you.....Smile
What ever you do, DO NOT use MerchantOne. They are a horrible company.