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Full Version: Can I add sugar to any scrub?
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Thank You Very Much!!!
Oh Me too please!! Would love this recipe for holiday gifts! Thank you.

[email protected]
This is great for client gifts for the holidays. I bet way cheaper than my buyin a bunch of sample sizes of things and making "mini" pedi kits for them.


Lilian I sent you the email just now. Sorry I did not see your request sooner.
could I also get your secret recipe for the scrub? Smile
Peggy your wonderful


Awe shucks. Big Grin
Peggy may I have the recipes as well? My email is [email protected]
Hey Peggy....I never recieved mine Sad could you please resend? Thanks in advance!!! [email protected]


Just sent them both, please let me know if it still didn't work.


Oo could I get a copy too? [email protected] I've been looking for some make your own recipes for a long time cause I love the appeal of 'all natural'
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