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Full Version: gel glitter french TUT, the way I do it.
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[Image: 002-8.jpg]
After prep, only swipe smile area with primer, apply clear as if you were doing a french, do not cure
[Image: 003-5.jpg]
sprinkle your glitter on the free edge making sure sides are covered as well, push or tap the glitter lightly til you have a nice smooth smile dont swipe it will make a mess tap the underside of finger to get excess glitter off, flash cure til you have 4 fingers done then cure for 2 minutes.
After the cure take a brush and scrub off the excess glitter and if needed file lightly on the sides to make a nice smooth edge. Cap only the glitter area in clear mooshing it into the glitter then smooth it out and cure for 2 minutes.
[Image: 005-7.jpg]
now prime the nail bed
fill in the nail bed with clear or preferred nail bed color, wiping over the glitter very thin, cure for 2 mins.
[Image: 007-6.jpg]
buff with 100 grit foam buffer, getting it all nice and smooth then brush off dust and coat with clear gel for your final coat, for 2 minutes.
[Image: 011-4.jpg]
finished nails
[Image: 012-1.jpg]
That is a great tutorial!! Thank you so much!! Big Grin
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Your Welcome!!!

Now obviously these are overlays, but if you wanted to do a new build, just start with building your free edge as usual, put one layer of clear down on entire nail, then wipe and buff shine off, and start at the beginning of this except for the priming part cause you will already have that done.

This is how I get crisp smile lines and not get the glitter into the rest of the nail.
thanks javamama!!
Great tutorial !
Eek so pretty!