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Full Version: More Gella Samples Still Available!!
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I just received my samples today! They are still offering samples guys! Just check out the Gella Thread by ENP!

Thank you again, I'll be rocking the keychain that comes with it!
Still waiting for my sample. It will probably be here Monday. Can't wait to try something new. I love presents! Big Grin
Oh, man! They sent 3 full-sized items, 1 colour, base coat, top coat! Hopefully more people will be able to try this. : P
I got mine today too. I have it on one of my nails and seeing how it goes. So far, great shine and nice color. I'm hoping it will last as long as the Gelish does.
I'll email you privately. I'm curious to see what colour you got. Smile I'm about to do a mani on myself Monday night. I'm going to have to add a layer of hard gel though, my nails are very flexible and on the oily side, no joke, but I'll take pics too and put them up so people can see the results. Tongue