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Full Version: What would you do?
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A former instructer of mine who now works full time as a tech called me yesterday to ask me if I could see her clients while she was on vacation. She then proceeds to tell me that she has "stolen" some of my clients. I don't think clients can be stolen, they leave on their own for whatever reason, but....she says they are all going to be coming to her soon because she offers Shellac for $10!!!!! She says she can do a Shellac in under a half hour because she does no cuticle care and just runs a buffer over the nail and "maybe" shapes it a little. She then asks me if I can do her clients for $10 because they don't expect any kind of pampering. I told her anyone who comes in pays the full price of $25. I have talked to a couple of other techs, and we all charge the same for a Shellac. We all pay rent, and buy our own supplies. No one can afford to do a $10 Shellac, and it takes us way longer because we do proper prep, etc. I am sick over this. How do you compete with something like that? Clients don't know...they think I am just pampering them and charging more for it. This girl works out of her mom's basement and has very little overhead. She does only acrylics, gels and gel polishes. I was so disgusted I almost hung up on her. Sorry this is so long. Had to vent. Any suggestions?
An example: I have clients that were going to "other" places and getting shoddy services. When they came to me and saw what a nail service could and should be, they came back. Do your service as you normally do- they will see the difference. Some- most- will probably comment on the difference. When they do, just say that you do it as the manufacturer instructs and let it go at that. If they mention the way the other person does it, just tell them you don't know about that. This rely usually takes care of any more comments.
Does she use base coat? If her clients nails are already damaged/weak they may not see a difference as far as why doing proper prep is better for their nails than just buffing them. I would ask her how long her shellac manis last. If yours stay on longer that is something they will notice. I would def. not lower my prices. If they call you tell them your prices and let them decide. I'm home based and my prices are very 'competitive,' since I have little overhead, and I can still make time for prep work. (although I don't do natural nails)
Yer sure, you can do her clients while she gone but they will be done at your prices and with the correct prep work etc.
It's as simple as thatSmile

If the client does not wish to use you then fine, they go somewhere else but I would never ever do someone elses clients at a reduced rate just to please her clients, especially if the tech is saying the nasty stuff she is saying about stealing your clients etc.

Just tell her to pass on your number to all her clients that she wants you to cover and take it from there.

if you do get some of her clients in, just do your usual service and charge your usual price and I'm sure they will see the difference not only on the day but after 2 weeks when they get no chipping, peeling etc and you might actually end up with these clients on your bookSmile
I agree with all the replies. She's thinks she's really 'getting away' with something by cutting corners and her prices but she's really only hurting herself in the long run. If her clients want their nails done while she's gone on vaca, they'll have to fork over the extra bucks for it coz she's waaaay under charging for the service. As was stated, they might find they like the extra attention to detail........and if they make a comment about it, smile sweetly and tell 'em, "you get what you pay for!".


I'm wondering why you would do anything for her since she was kind enough to tell you that she is "stealing" your clients, except maybe to steal some of her But if you did, like the others said, charge the higher price and do your regular service showing that your standards are higher than hers.

Clients who care will notice the difference. Some will stay with you, some will return to her. The ones who return to her you don't want anyway. They are looking for a cheap service.
Thanks everyone! I know that that's exactly what I will do. I am really just sooooo ticked off at her. When she undercharges for that service, it makes me look greedy. I won't bad-mouth her to anyone, but I feel so bad that she is taking clients away. I literally can't charge less then I do because I am competititve with everyone else in town. We all work so hard to do a good job and keep our clients happy. Oh well....there's always Karma. LOL. Have a good week !
Donna in Huntsville, TX. :
> I agree with all the replies. She's thinks she's really 'getting away' with
> something by cutting corners and her prices but she's really only hurting herself
> in the long run.

Good point, when her clients need to 'take a break' because their nails are damaged and thin she will be out a client for... 6 months I believe is how long it takes for a nail to grow out.