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Full Version: Bubbles in gel top coat?
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I have been using NSI Glaze n Go gel top coat for about 2 1/2 years now and all of a sudden I have been getting a lot of bubbles? I have been making sure it goes on smooth, but it comes out bubbly. Does anyone know what causes this?


I noticed that with mine too, so I thought I was applying it to quick and causing the bubbles. I don't have bubble cured into mine, I let it sit a few seconds before putting it into the lamp.
Could be one of these reasons:

1. Gel not allowed to "settle" after stirring it in the pot to mix it or over-mixing it (air).

2. Under-curing layers underneath the "bubbling" layer.

3. Over-working the gel on the nail plate (air).

4. You can "pop" the bubbles with a brush, and then let it settle for a bit before curing it.

Good luck-


Hiya Erin. Glaze n go is a tackless sealer with a very thin consistency in a polish bottle. It's not to be shaken as it would do no good. For me the little bubbles are new which I why I was thinking I was making my strokes to quick and maybe a bit thick. I have been using it now for years as well and it's a bit odd. I can't say bad batch becuase it's not all the time for me. I may be putting the brush back in to quick too, leaving air in the brush. I'm just through ideas out there. I have try to work a little slower with longer strokes to see if that helps but since it's not all the time I just dont know. And for me there is no oil or lotion on the enhancement yet. I will keep working with it to see if anything make sense as to why.
Quick thick strokes might infuse air, that and you putting the brush in quickly might too. Believe me I was the queen of bubbles until I got schooled. ; )

Are you talking about the spiky things after it cures? I've gotten that sometimes with tackless sealers, it usually means I've applied it too thickly. If it's not that, I'm not sure what else it could be, I've never seen air bubbles in them.