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Full Version: My Shellac has gotten thick?
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Is there any way to fix it?
Thanks for your help
What is the shelf life? I am not sure on shellac, I know GELISH is 2 years..... Do you know?


Someone mentioned on here that they put the Shellac bottles under their thigh to warm it up. That has helped alot for me when it gets more than 1/2 empty. I put the color they selected under my thigh at the beginning of their appt. By the time I get to applying their color it is varily warmed up and has a thinner consistency. Goes on a lot easier. This has also helped with the white, I don't get near the wrinkles I used to. HTH!!
Thanks, I will try the under thigh method
How many applications of Shellac can you use? I have noticed that I can use it at least less than 10 times. The same for the base and top coat. It runs low so quickly compared to the Gelish. It does have a thicker viscosity.


liliansnails :
> How many applications of Shellac can you use? I have noticed that I can use
> it at least less than 10 times. The same for the base and top coat. It runs
> low so quickly compared to the Gelish. It does have a thicker viscosity.

I actually feel the opposite. I feel Gelish is thicker and harder to put on really thin. According to CND you are suppose to get around 40 full sets from a bottle of their product. And I would have to say I've probably gotten that much use out of their bottles of product. If you are only getting 10 uses then that leads me to think you are applying it way too thick. I barely have 1/4 of the brush with color when I apply it to a nail. It goes on thin and spreads very easily. Yes, the bottles aren't as big, but IMO that is a plus because clients get tired of colors and they want new ones and my polish racks can hold a lot more of the Shellac!!
Warming the bottles naturally ( no microwave etc) by placing under your thigh while you prep will help thin it.. dont use polish thinners.. and use a sitr stick to stir the bottles you'll get a better mix and less thickening..

[Image: pp1031.jpg]
[Image: eco-1287.jpg]

Do you know if Shellac has come out with any new colors? We have the same colors that they introduced when they came out with Shellac. Haven't seen anything that says they have come out with new colors like Harmony's Gelish...Cannot believe Gelish has 72 colors!


Yes, they did have other colors come out this last spring. Check CND's website to see them. And I got an e-mail saying they were having some more come out this fall. You know you can layer colors to create new colors, right?
I do, Idonls. Do you have any problems with your clients Shellac nails?
We have it at our spa, and we have a lot of regular clientele that come in for Shellac every two weeks. Sometimes they adhere to their nails, and other times, they peel right off...We do the same procedure that the CND dvd has instructed everytime...don't know what we are doing wrong...
any advice?


The main problem I have is with people who can't wear gel at all. I did have one regular client who wore the Shellac one time, no problem. Second time she wore Shellac it didn't stay on. Did regular manicures, next time we did Shellac on her, it peeled off from the free edge. She is the only one that I do on regular basis that is having this problem. I'm not sure why. I wonder if it's the bulbs? The only thing I don't like about doing gel is you don't know when your bulbs need to be replaced until a client is having an issue. This last time I put a bonder on her free edge. Will see how that does.
Here is a troubleshooting video if that would help at all:

For keeping it easier to work with I love my little Robart hobby paint shaker, here is a video if you want to check it out:


I do like Shellac, however I do not like the top coat.. seems too thick no matter what I do. And I've tried the layering and there are very few that look nice, the rest look like a bad polish job. Any suggestions on the layering to look like one color and not two mixed?
I have a video with some tips:

What I notice helps the most is to leave a tiny bit of extra margin around the first layer of color so that when you apply the second layer you can drop it down over the edges of the first layer. In the video you can see some tricks with the brush strokes that might help as well.
We had candle warmers (or coffee cup warmers) in storage so I plug one in at my station & put the Shellac next to it. It gets too hot on it. I do the under-leg method too if I can't get to the plug-in or my thighs aren't being cooperative :oops:
I asked Holly on nailtalkradio this past Monday about shaking the base and top coat, so today was my first day using it and I shook it until I couldn't shake it anymore (LOL) and it wasn't as thick as other days. Thanks Holly!
My pleasure Jada!