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Full Version: I'll vote for you if you vote for me!
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It's that time again. cityvoter is the organization running a contest through our Evening Magazine's Best of Western Washington. Here's the link:

I know that many of your cities do the same thing... so if you post your link... I'll vote for you and return the favor if you send me a vote. Thanks.

Much appreciated!


How does that work for competing salons who have only clients and close friends voting? It would be an unfair advantage if they were getting outsider votes against you, don't you think? I'm just asking because it is a vote for best service and how does one know who the best is if they are not getting it done?
I logged in and tried to vote just now but it wouldn't let me. I'll try again later.

Indianapolis's compitition just ended so you can't return the favor. Sad

Let's face it this is not about who is the best, it's about who can get the most votes. I'd rather have it be one of my BT sisters.


Quote:AnnaElliott :
Let's face it this is not about who is the best, it's about who can get the
most votes
No offense but if that's true then maybe they should call it, "which tech is most popular and can solicit the most votes" instead of "best mani pedi". Pretty decieving to the customer who are looking for the best and very unfair to the places with "the" actual best services. Let's face it, that stinks. And it forces all participants to go looking for support from people who don't know what their service is like.
My hometown was the same way. A nail tech won 3 years in a row and it got out she had a deal with an employment agency in town. How tacky, which she was, her nails were not that nice.
I want to be known as the best because I am and I earned it.
Ok, Terri, you got my vote. Good luck!

To Sobeit: I understand what you mean. But the simple fact that Terri is on the Beauty Tech educating herself shows that she cares and wants to be the best nail tech she can be. In my book that means she deserves the recognition that this contest will provide. As a small salon competing with so many larger salons with more money for advertising, we need all the help we can get.
Thank you Anna. I'm sorry that my post offended some. I'll remove it after Anna sees my heartfelt thanks.

Edit: I guess I can't remove it.... Oh well.


Hey, hold on there. I never said I was offended. I only said its unfair and then forces techs including yourself to get votes from out side sources because some view it as a popularity contest and not a contest for the "best of".
I in no way am implying that you are not the best in your town, state, country. I just wonder how people will know the best if its not voted by the customer, and then friends and family who know the work. I think that the story above from Jennie proves my point. Its unfair to have votes from those who don't know the quality, and that tech who was no good, won without merit. Coming to BT and participating, and learning, is not really a qualification in who is giving the best service. This is nothing personal. Not at all. Its business and I don't have anything to do with the contest, what I say or think, has no bearing on who wins, or who should win, its just what I think about voting deals.
I actually hope you do very well on the contest. Nothing is better than winning.