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Full Version: Starting my first "business of the week" promo, ad
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After reading a mag article i decided to try this business of the week thing to increase business. Im offering a specific bank 25% off any nail service. Im wondering have any of you tried it and what were your results as far as retained clientele after the initial discount?
I never had a great response from the business of the week type ad, maybe I'm thinking of the weekly business directory where one business was highlighted, hmmmm...classifieds actually always worked the best. And multiple small print ads, and hands down the full page, but that came quite a ways down the road. The classifieds and smaller print ads were more economical and seen by more people.
Yeah i got turned down by my first "winner" cause they couldnt accept "gifts" for their employees. The newspaper here is ridiculously pricey. Idk what to do for advertising
One of the best, and above all, free advertising I did was a "health fair". I had an information paper about myself and made tons of copies on colored paper, business cards to hand out to everyone walking by as well as giving out free hand massages.

There was also a local fashion show that I attended as a 'show booth renter'. That brought many leads as well.

"Getting out" in the community is a fantastic idea with minimal cost; it just takes time and effort which I found to be well worth it overall.