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Full Version: So excited!!
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I start nail tech school in 11 days! I can't wait! I'm nervous about getting my kids ready for school and myself at the same time. Just means mommy has to get up early to be ready before the kids have to get up. Yuck on that part. Big Grin

My classes are Tuesday through Saturday 8 to 3. I have to have 600 hours for the state of TX.

So excited!!
Congrats! and good luck!
Cindy : )
Thank you Cindy!
I can see it and the kids sitting at the table doing homework..... :lol: :wink: Congrats at beginning an exciting new career...

Since you're in TX., there's a FaceBook group for Texas Nail Techs....if you're into FB, check it out. Several of us there are wanting to try networking of some sort if we can get enough interest.
Thank you Donna! My kids will just love that. :lol: I will check out that FB page. I tend to spend a bit of time on FB. :oops:
congrats on school.. ditto to all the above.. i am sure you will do well.. on that fb page you need to fb one of us then we can invite you to join...i did not set it up but thats the way it works.. i guess it keeps it private so our clients cant see what we say about excited to see another texan.. so where are you located?
Congratulations for following your dreams! Good luck with school.... and the kids! See ya on FB.
Yay! Good luck hun!
Thank you!! I think I might have liked the wrong page on FB. oops!

I'm just outside of Austin TX. We have been here for just over a year now. Love it!
I'm most nervous to do someone else's nails. Right now I do all my own nails and every once in a blue moon my daughter will let me do her nails. She doesn't like to sit still for very long. Like no more then 5 mins. :lol:
so i tried to invite you to that group but i guess because your page is more a business page it would not pull it you have a reg fb page? or idk maybe donna or di can try
I do have a regular one. It's my name. I'll email you.


Congrats. It won't take you any time at all to get through the 600 hours if since you are going almost full time. Then the real education begins. And since you do your own nails, you will have some advantage to those who haven't done anything. Have fun!!
Thank you Idonls! My husband keeps telling me I'm not going to learn anything. I think I'm going to learn a ton. He is a nut.
from what i see lately he may be you will pass state board then you will be hunting us down to show you what you did not learn, dont tell him i said that you seem to already know some so dont let that get in your way of what they teach for state... you will do fine!!
Thank you! I know I need to learn a lot. I'm ready! Friday will be here before I know it and I'm starting to get nervous Smile
Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!!
We're going to try to do a networking get together later this year, possibly in Dallas. We'll post the time and date, so if you can, try to come!