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Full Version: displaying shellac on color wheels help
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Well got the new colors today. Dissapointing. But what ever. I'm redoing my color wheels. And I can choose between clear and white wheels. Which do you use? Its hard to display the lighter colors so people get an idea of what the differnece is between say mother of pearls and zillionair. I will gladly take all suggestions!
Clear! On the clear wheels your clients will get a truer picture of how the colors will look on their own nails. They will be able to see the differences between the sheers and any colors that are a bit translucent (Tropix, Decadence).
I agree! Clear! We now carry Color Display Sticks, they do fit in the Colorpops Display unit or you can make something crafty to display them! The sticks are only $0.16 each!

[Image: eco1234.jpg]
Yes...use the clear and when the put the color pop over their natural nail it is almost exactly what it will look like.


I use the clear color pops as well, and put the gel polish under the nail display instead of on top like you would a white wheel, then you have the shine, without wasting products.
Someone suggested using white on the other side so that it isn't as translucent.