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Full Version: what shellac colors are you not keeping in stock
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I'm getting rid of negligee, clearly pink, mother of pearl, read baroness, romantique. These colors don't sel or are too similar to others. Would love to see a true blue or green. Any thoughts on this?
Wha? I feel like those are the ones I find myself replacing the most! Especially Red Baroness! Romantique is the only one so far that I will not be buying a replacement for once it runs out, because I don't like how it applies.
OMG... Love REd Baroness and have ordered more of that than any other, other than white for frenches. Negligee and Beau make the awesome french pink. AGree with clearly pink though... not so great.

Masquerade is a favorite along with Hollywood, Tropix, Fedora.

Agree that Romantique is wierd going on.


I love romantique.


All the ones you listed Tania are the ones my clients like. Combining them with other colors is great too. Just been doing Wildfire with Red Baroness and get our college's color of crimson. The ladies love that for the college season.

Clearly pink is great for american manicures.

The ones my clients don't like are teals, greens, blues, purples......they just aren't into the funky colors.
The original white- too white and i dont do frenches with Shellac

Rose Bud- i must have a dud because the bottle I have is nothing but problems. The color shrinks, pulls, streaks. A nightmare.

Fedora- look above (only difference is that I tried 2 bottles)

Clearly Pink- looks clear

Mother of Pearl- non of my clients are into sparkles- I used it once

Romantique does go on streaky but I figured it out finallty (or the formulation has changed)

On a positive note- here are my favourite formulations (almost one coaters, go on like a butter):
Hot Pop Pink
Cocoa (I didn't like the color at first but I've grown to love it)
Tutti Frutti