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Full Version: ***Nail Art Pictures***
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Hi All,
I'm new in this forum and I wanted to share my works with you to get some feedback. I'm an international educator of Crystal Nails and sometimes I visit US to compete and to give some class.
I hope you will like my pictures.

[Image: th_218542_182760835108891_10000124927107...28_o-1.jpg]

[Image: th_44910_130758753642433_100001249271074...05_n-1.jpg]

[Image: th_242743_183435118374796_10000124927107...7175_o.jpg]

[Image: th_newniki-1.jpg]

[Image: th_15-1.jpg]
Welcome Nikolett, it's nice to see you on here. Your work is Always so Beautiful!
Hey Nicolette! I have not heard from you in forever! Glad to see you here! I am defo looking forward to seeing more of you and your work on this board!
Very pretty!
Your nails are beautifull ! Welcome Big Grin


Those are amazing, I wish we had courses to learn how to do some of this here! Beautiful!
Nikolet... your work is amazing (as always) !!!!

I hope to meet you soon !! I am a new distributor for Crystal Nails in Canada.

Smile Beautiful work!!