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Full Version: Tom Holcomb will compete with Crystal Nails materials!
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Fantastic news!!
Tom Holcomb, Christina Gonzales and Michelle Williams are competing at Nailympics (Beauty Expo, Long Beach) October 23-24, 2011 with Crystal Nails materials as the Crystal Nails Team!

You will be able to find all the news about the competition during the Expo days on our Facebook page!
Keep your fingers crossed for Tom Holcomb and Crystal Nails Group!

Tom Holcomb is known as the “godfather” of the nail industry. He has been working in the Beauty industry for more than 25 years and cooperates with huge nail product companies, education centers. With his knowledge he is helping the industry to improve products, innovates materials and he also gives classes all around the world.

Now we are proud to announce that Tom Holcomb, Christina Gonzales and Michelle Williams are competing in Crystal Nails colors at one of the most important international competitions, at Nailympics Long Beach, California!

[Image: IMG_3992.jpg]

[Image: Tom.jpg]
Tom is amazing. I got to meet him when he worked for Entity and he was a great educator. Good luck Tom!!!
Congrats, Tom & Christina! I have worked with both of them as educators with Entity. I learned so much from them They ROCK!
The first competition day ended!
Check new pictures at our Facebook page:

Here is a video about Tom Holcomb working with Crystal Nails materials during the competition! Hope you will enjoy it!