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Full Version: Reverse application for buildable gel??
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I am trying to perfect my application of buildable gel. I have watched plenty of videos, but there is only SO much you can get watching a video. I have even posted on craiglist for looking for someone whos highly experienced toapprentice with.

I am using the OPI axxium system. The issue I am having is application, near the stress point I keep getting a concaved look when you look at the nail from the side. I have tried to build up this spot more, with not much luck, and have also tried filing, which seems to work, but then I am losing product on the nail tip.

I stopped by my school and talked to my old instructor and she suggested the reverse application method, basically like the 3 step method from free edge up that we are taught w/ acrylics- so essentially build up the tip to stress point and build nice arch, do a quick cure and contine building up?
Im going to give this method a try...I am looking for tips, ideas, instruction from seasoned ge techs
I would say you could come up to my shop and work on it with me, but I'm about 4 hours away from you! Hopefully someone closer will chime in here :lol:
what city are you in?
A reverse application is applying the gel to the nail bed area first, building up the apex. Then you add the tip. If you hold the finger on an angle so that it points down, gravity can pull the gel downwards to build the apex (as long as the builder gel you're using is not a really super thick viscosity that is meant to stay put, and not a super thin runny one either!).
i suppose by reverse app I mean reverse from what was taught to me as far as gel, as that application is not "reverse" in acrylic...

Ok so as far as building first then applying tip, how on earth is that done, do you mean with a form??
I guess maybe you were confused on the definition of 'reverse application'. You do zone 2 & zone 3 first, then zone 1.

If you look on that video (the one I posted about pinching the c-curve in your other thread) Gina provides a good tutorial on how to build up the apex with gel. I think that technique might give you what you're looking for.
I'm in Stanwood, WA
Amy Becker with Masterworks Gel has a really great way of doing gel in a reverse method tho not 'reverse' in the way you're talking about.

If I were having that problem, when I look at it from the side, I'd place another dollop of gel in 'saddle' of the nail, gently moving it to completely fill it in. I've had that problem with ski slope nails.
I know you said you've watched plenty of videos, but Amy Becker does a reverse method and you can purchase her video (very informative!). Also, I believe YN has a reverse method video on their website.
Hi I'm in Salem that's maybe 2 hours away do you have a Facebook or email address?
thanks ladies, I was able to watch some great videos! I wish I could wake up one morning and be Greg from Young Nails, female version of course!

JOJO, Salem is only about an hour away and If you were willing I would love to spend a day with you!! Lets chat! My FB is, or email at [email protected]