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Full Version: T.E.N. gel users ???
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Can T.E.N. gel cure under a LED lamp and if it can
how long does it need?
Will it still Heat spike (like it does under UV)?
Can we still use linkage?

Is there any LED cured gel out there that is not a soak off gel and is strong enough to put over tips?

TEN can be cured under an LED lamp but it will not cure to a tack free shine as with a regular 9 watt lamp. It's still going to have a tacky layer and will have to be cleansed before you file it. Let me check on how long it takes and I'll answer in a later post in this thread.

It will heat spike under an LED. You CAN still use Linkage. I use TEN over tips all the time with no problem. I also sculpt with it.
I've been told that there's really not a time known for how long it takes for TEN to cure under an LED lamp. The gel wasn't formulated to work with that type of lamp, so it would be best to use a regular UV lamp. If you use an LED and don't get TEN properly cured, you could risk overexposure to your client. Better to be safe than sorry later down the road! Big Grin
Thank U Donna for your reply.