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Full Version: Prepping nails
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I am a new nail tech and using Shellac. Two clients came in while I was on vacation and talked to the owner about the nails that I had done for them. One said the nails were lumpy and the other one said the shellac was chipping in a few days. One client I had to remove her gel/acrylic nails before I could even put the shellac on. When I was done, I checked and I didn't feel any lumps. The one that chipped, not sure about. When I prep the nails I do the dry mani and then lightly buff the nails, put dehydrator on and then proceed with base coat, polish etc. Is there something I am doing or not doing?
Hello I just took the CND Master Painter class and Holly said no need to buff nails. and your scrubfresh should dehydrate the nail. The only thing i could think of is your prep could cause lumps if any cuticle is left and the chipping could be lacking at home care and the client not using their solar oil daily.

Im just starting out so you may wait for more responses, but I would watch CND shellac video and make sure all steps are followed. Or check Holly out on Facebook under fingernailfixer
tooo bad you were not able to see the nails when they came back in. i tell people i cant fix what i cant see.. sometimes the base coats on all sog will be uneven or shrink on edges or sidewalls and that can be noticed if they are rubbing on them. the chipping could be anything from not capped on the edge well enough to if you buffed the edges after the fact to remove any rough edges it could have broke the seal, but she could have been using them as tools who knows.... i would just tell your boss that if that ever happens again and you are not there perhaps she could take a pic on her phone so you can at least see whats up when you are told about it.. if the clients are willing to give you another try i would not do it for free as if you were there you could have just done a correction, but you could give them a goodwill discount.. just a thought...
when i do shellac or gellish i push back cuticles, buff with 180 buffer and take that around the sidewalls and cuticle area as well, i brush off the dust then i use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe down the nailbed and remove all debris is off the nail, non acid primer dry to tack, making sure you dont get primer where you would not want sog, base coats i swipe gently and make sure it is even and to the edge of primer, and not too thick so it wont shrink back up on me...if it does then i do another coat of base to level it out. then polish and so on...