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Full Version: Buffer Files and Sanitation
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What brand do like in Buffer files? How do Sanitize yours? I'm in CA and I am pretty sure we can't use thes more than once. I think it's because they are porous they are not considered sanitizable. Any Ideas?
You are right -- one-time use buffers in CA. I use the mini white block buffers that you can get from Star Nail or from Flowery. I know Nailite carries several mini and slim disposable buffers too.



I agree, buy minis in bulk orders and toss um away. Big Grin
Our New MINI BLOCKS are small, and disposable AND very economical for single use!
[Image: 1161.jpg]
The Orange Mini Blocks are 200/240 fine grit and are available in 24, 126 and 1512 ct packages.

[Image: 1333.jpg]
The White Mini Blocks are 200/180 grit and are available in 126 and 1512 ct packages.

Both average out to as little as 5cents each!