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Full Version: *pic* Glitter fun
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[img][Image: 1b5Zd-16n-1Danasnails.jpg][/img]
Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Smile
WOW! I love the flower, did you paint that by hand?! These look awesome!
BEAUTIFUL! Great smiles Big Grin
Absolutely gorgeous as always Janet Big Grin Big Grin I always look forward to seeing your work Big Grin
Smile Thank you Marie..
Thank you Erika.. ( the flowers are water slide decals)
Thankyou Kristi...
Thank you Back 2You, for your kind words..
very nice!
Smile Donna... Thank you....
Very pretty Janet! Your pictures are so crisp and clear .....what program are you using to put the picture frames around your pictures?
Beautiful! And I love the colors!
Beautiful work Janet Big Grin
Smile Thank you Ladies... I appreciate your comments. (((Hugs)))
So pretty Smile