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Full Version: Crackle polish over gel, Please help!!:)
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I haven't posted anything for a super long, but i have been lurking! There hasnt been any talk about crackle/shatter polish for quite awhile, but I've had a few people ask me to bust it back out as it gets close to halloween. Tomorrow i'm going to be doing a fellow nail tech and she wants crackle OVER gel. She needs to have a hard gel topcoat (not soak off) and i'm concerned that it will chip off on top of the crackle. What im wondering is if there is a way to get the crackle polish to acutally crackle without putting down a layer of regular polish under it? for example, if i were to put the crackle directly over the gel, so that i could still use a gel top coat. hopefully that makes sense!!! (and im sure this question was asked at least once back in the spring when the crackle polish was all the rage, but i've tried to search and cant find anything!) Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!Smile
I've not tried this but it makes sense:
Apply gel polish including gel top coat. Buff off shine. Apply enamel top coat, leaving a tiny margin all the way around, then crackle polish, then gel top coat. Final step? Charge client thru the nose! LOL!
As the above poster said, you're going to need at least a layer of clear polish under the crackle, in order to make it 'crackle'. And then make really sure that the polish is dry before you topcoat it with a gel topcoat. Have fun Smile


Couldn't you just use a regular top coat? If you have gel polish under wouldn't the polish and topcoat stay on fine? Then you wouldn't have to worry about the crackle/shatter being totally dry.