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Full Version: We got our OPI gel color kit today
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About this new LED lamp:

In the cautions section:

"Ultraviolet radtion from the sun or UV appliance can cause skin and eye damage."

"Skin may develop sunburn after overexposure."

"In cases of pronounced individual sensitvity or allergic reaction to untraviolet radiation, medical advice is recommended before starting exposure."

My question is Just how safe is this lamp as there is no eye sheild on the unit and it has 32 mini LED lights.

Other LED lamp - specifically has a shield and only 6 mini LED bulbs.

Can someone give more info on this new OPI LED lamp?



I thought LED sold themselves as skin safe? I will have to investigate. This may be just protection on their part in case clients who hear about the sensationalism on tv about UV lamps and want to hold you liable, you cant come back on OPI with their "warning" Just a guess.
I can't find any info on the kit. Would you please tell me what is in it and the colors, please?
Quote:Would you please tell me what is in it and the colors, please?

Sure I will tell you what the kit contains:

Cleaner, 1oz bond aid, 20 precut foils with a square cotton pad attached for removal, 2 plastic mitts (same weight plastic as food server gloves), a plastic reusable pusher, (1/2) ounce sizes of each: base coat - brushes are regular size (not mini like gelish, not a power brush like regular opi polish); top coat; I'm really not a waitress, cajun shrimp, strawberry margarita, lincoln(?) park after dark, passion and a white called funny bunny. (I think that is what the name of it is). The colors are matched to traditional OPI colors.

I did feel the product was thicker than I would like to use, more like the consistancy of not so fresh regular opi polish, but still usable. If that makes any sense.

Also included are a dvd, laminated instructions, an instruction book for the gelcolor application and an instruction book for the lamp, a window sign and various marketing stuff.

The LED lamp: black metal, with a handle to move it around. The time increment buttons on the top are 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds. One cool aspect of the illuminated count down timer on the top of the unit is that the numbers are about one inch each. When the unit is counting down, you can see those numbers from a out in space. LOL

Inside the lamp there are two double rows of 14 tiny LED lights directly above where your fingers will be positioned. They're arranged in a semi circle on the left side and right side. There are 28 on top and 4 on the sides.

On each side, inside of the lamp, there are two tiny LED lights. This should allow exposure to the thumbs when in the side facing position - good exposure to the lights. The same thing for the other side or opposite hand. All that to say it cures a complete hand - fingers and thumb in one cycle. This is a big plus for me.

After you set the desired seconds, you place you hand under the light with the fingers spread out. Your middle finger has to be positioned far enough into the lamp to touch a sensor, which automatically turns the lights on.

On both sides, at the bottom of the lamp, there are metal kickstands (this is not the name, but I want you to get an idea of what I'm describing). These pull down and will elevate the lamp about an inch. The lamp opening is now wide enough for your foot to slide into it and touch the sensor.

The lamp does carry some weight to it. There is no cheap feel to anything about this lamp. I feel it is a well built unit that will last a VERY long time with the proper care. It does not have a shield like other LED lamps I have been considering.

It is smaller than a regular sized rectangle UV lamp, but it is not what I consider to be compact like the Harmony 6G LED lamp. One thing about the Harmony lamp is that you must cure the thumbs separately. Minor detail, but it was unexpected.

The salon purchased this started kit for our nail department.

Quote:I thought LED sold themselves as skin safe?

I was under the same impression until I read the book that came with this lamp. It has a page of cautions and the things I originally asked about were at the top of the page.

I really need some one from OPI to address this becuse I've never read that before on any UV lamps and I thought LED was a different kind of light.

I know this is more than what you asked for, LOL!

Look for my next post, a review of Entity One Color Coutour gel polsih. I'm having GREAT results with it.

Hi all:

I contact OPI regarding their new LED lamp. It really is a great lamp, safe and I love the 5 fingers curing. Dark colors will cure in only 30 sec.

There are 2 kinds of rays UVA and UVB. UVB are the harmful rays and UVB rays are considered the main cause of skin damage. The new OPI light is UVA and has been safety approved world wide. For more info about UV light safety go to:

Hope this helps answer your question,
Salon registry is now available. Just log onto the professional section of OPI website to enter your salon information so consumers may find you. The Gel Color DVD is now on-line as well.

How to register:

YOU must create a salon registration first; Then log in and add Lamps, OPI products sold, OPI services offered, modify/update all info.

Or use a dedicated link (Goes to the same place)

Technically you have to call it LED Light, not Lamp.
also those Light-emitting diode in the OPI LED Light are coated to prevent damge cause by clients hitting them.
It sounds like they're covering themselves in case anyone gets cancer from overexposure to their lamp....... :roll:
We did a test this week on opi gel color. Not impressed. Have been successfully using four different brands of "gel polish" and haven't had problems with any of them. OPI's did not stay shiny, shrunk alot from the free edge and chipped very easily after four days. All in all - we will be sticking with the ones we have that work really well. (and, they are cheaper too). Just thought I'd put in my two cents.
Really??? You didnt like it? I put on Lincoln park and wore it all week with no problems. It stayed shiny with me working on clients too. I changed it today to the Passion and it looks real nice. each his own..but i would give it another chance..
Are you guys experiencing any thickening of your topcoat or colors??