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Full Version: GOOD foot files and or blocks
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I am looking for a really good foot file or block for my pedicures. I have bought many over the years and still have not found a fav. Also after doing nails for over 20 years I would like the tools to do more of the work then my arms. lol Thanks : )
i ADORE my foot file from jaime schrabek with blue cross.

NOTHING works better and easier!!!!

Angel Feet Foot File + Footlogix Callus Softener. After many years, this is the solution for me.
Anyone try the Fabeaulous Feet system? I had it used on me yesterday and it was pretty darn cool! Mind you, my feet are nice anyways but now they feel great!

I LOVE the Angelfeet & Footlogix Callous Softener but am thinking of investing in this other system. Less of a workout! LOL

Check it out:
^^^ Oh my gosh, the first page of that website had me cracking up! Interesting idea, but I can picture it now: a client jokes about needing a power tool to get the dry skin off, and you actually pull one out! Hilarious. Actually seems like an interesting product, but I wonder how you would clean the tool in between. I know when I'm doing my filing, stuff goes everywhere....I could imagine the tool being covered in foot flakes!

I've been using the Heavenly Soles foot files from Backscratchers. It's a peel-and-stick system, and for most people I use the 180grit, for those with very rough skin I use the 80grit first, then follow up with the smoother one. With really stubborn heels, I'll use some Cuticle Eliminator on the area after I've done most of my filing and then go back over it - gets it very nice and smooth Smile.
Totally agree with Laura here, FootLogix is awesome and I 've used a ton of pedicure lines. Still using Jamie's foot file with the disposable peel and sticks which are awesome for now but will likely switch to the angel foot file because it's available to me. Would totally still use Jamie's otherwise though ~ hth's!
I use the pedi pro tool and i love it.
Another vote for the Angelfeet file & Footlogix.
Cuccio has a great metal foot file with disposible grit at an incredible price.
NuSole Pedi Stone

Miracle Stone
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3-Pack ($14.00)
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It's the BLACK sulfur so quickly and painlessly. NOT like the cheap yellow buffer blocks you buy elsewhere, although they are the same shape. The material is softer than stone and porous like the cheap blocks, but do not wear down fast and it takes off callus like butter! I had such trouble with the cheap blocks, so now I only use this one. Call them for professional pricing too Big Grin