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Full Version: Advice needed on tip application
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I have been doing Tammy Taylor Sculptured Acrylics for 13 years. I recently had a new opportunity offered to me to do pageant nails for another salon, as well. I have played around with tips on myself, but nothing serious. Which is best full contact or micro contact area tips? What brand is best to work with? Low or medium viscosity adhesive? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks Big Grin
I've never done anything like that but just from my own experience, I like the short well tips. Less to file down imo. I also like brush on glue, less waste. Personally I prefer "Asian thins", thin, flexible, quick to file down to blend.


I prefer 1/2 well tips. I find the Lamour tips to be the most reasonably priced and are relatively strong. You can do a google search for Lamour nail tips and see quite a few suppliers who carry them. I would use a strong adhesive like Backscratcher's Stikr or Elegant Glass' resin gel.

If you use a squeeze bottle, and squeeze gently, letting the resin adhesive flow from one corner, holding the tip at an angle downwards, to the other corner of the 1/2 well area you will have just enough resin to cover that area w/o too much overflowing. This also ensures no air pockets.

I prefer gel glue for applying tips, I get less air bubbles underneath.
Well less tips- great for short nail beds- you can place them where you want. The thicker the glue the better it holds, but I like brush-on glue.